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Guide to VW Jetta Warning Lights

warning lights

Keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance on your new Volkswagen Jetta will help mitigate most issues that may arise on Onalaska roads, but still, sometimes, one of those pesky warning lights may illuminate. Do you know what the Volkswagen dash lights mean? If not, keep reading, and you’ll soon have a better idea of your VW Jetta warning lights. If you need service, you can schedule a service appointment online with Volkswagen La Crosse in Onalaska. We’re here for you!

VW Jetta Warning Lights & Their Meanings

There are many things you can do to keep your new VW Jetta in tip-top shape on Onalaska roads, such as keeping all fluids fresh and full, driving sensibly, and following the regular service intervals recommended in your owner’s manual. But sometimes, a warning light might illuminate anyway, and you should know the VW Jetta warning lights and their meaning. Below is a guide to Volkswagen dash light meanings.

Engine & Powertrain Issues

  • If your coolant level is low, you’ll see a thermometer situated on a small wave in red.
  • An issue with your automatic transmission is indicated by a gear shape with an exclamation mark in the middle of it.
  • Diesel engine owners should not be alarmed by a yellow coil light when turning over the engine. It just represents the use of heated elements to start the engine. However, if this light starts blinking, there is an issue, and you should contact the Volkswagen La Crosse service center right away.

Brake System Issues

  • If a circle is surrounded by two sets of dashes that look like parentheses, that means your brake pads have worn down, and you need to schedule service.
  • If you’re driving around Winona and see a warning light that says “ABS,” then you may have an issue with your anti-lock braking system.
  • A circle with a small light in the middle and parentheses on both sides may mean that one of your brake light bulbs has burnt out.

Volkswagen AdBlue® System Issues

  • One of your fluid levels is low if you see a half-empty canister pouring fluid out of it.
  • If a wrench is illuminated alongside the previous light, the system is also malfunctioning.
  • If the canister symbol lights up in red, that indicates that your car will NOT restart once it’s shut off – so drive to a service center ASAP!

A Couple More Misc. VW Dash light Meanings

  • A warning indicator in the shape of a seated passenger with an expanded airbag to their front means something is wrong with your airbag system.
  • A red light that looks like a car battery means an issue with your electrical or charging system.

Volkswagen La Crosse Is Always at Your Service!

The impressive engineering behind every Volkswagen means you shouldn’t be dealing with VW Jetta warning lights too often on Tomah streets. But, should you ever see one on your dashboard, especially a red one, you should visit our Volkswagen Authorized Service Center in Onalaska. We encourage you to check our service specials and schedule service as soon as needed, so the issue doesn’t become more serious.


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