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How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery


Your car battery is essential to keeping your vehicle running on the Onalaska roads. As with most components of your car, the battery will eventually wear down and need to be replaced by a service technician. But, how long do car batteries last? On average, you can expect a new VW battery to last around three to four years. However, there are some factors that can either prolong or shorten your battery life.



There are also a number of key warning signs to look for that indicate your battery is in need of replacing. The service team at Volkswagen La Crosse has got everything you need to know in the guide below.

Average Vehicle Battery Life

Although experts agree that batteries usually last around three to four years, different drivers have different experiences. Some batteries last as long as five to six years while others get replaced after as little as a year or two. Battery inspection is a key part of your Volkswagen’s regularly-scheduled maintenance, like oil changes and brake service.

Factors That Can Shorten Battery Life

There are a number of different factors that can shorten your VW battery life, with the most prominent being your driving habits around Winona and your location. Here are the details:

  • Driving Habits: Your car battery can be weakened if you leave your vehicle sitting unused for long periods of time or if you leave the power on (such as your headlights) while the ignition is off. For example, if you don’t drive your car much, or if you leave an interior light on overnight, it can quickly drain your VW battery.
  • Climate & Location: A hot climate will weaken your battery more quickly than if you live in a colder climate.

What Are the Signs Your Car Battery Is Low?

There are some key signs to keep an eye out for that mean your battery is running low and needs to be replaced. It’s important to know the warning signs, otherwise, you might not notice there’s a problem until the battery is dead. Here are the major warning signs:

  • Check engine light is on
  • The engine is slow to start
  • Car lights are dim
  • Electric issues (cell phone charger, heated seats, etc. aren’t working)
  • Connectors for the battery are corroded
  • The battery case looks warped or misshapen

Schedule a VW Battery Replacement at Volkswagen La Crosse!

If your VW battery is in need of replacing, the service center at Volkswagen La Crosse has got you covered. You can schedule an appointment right from our website, and we’ll have you back on the Tomah roads in no time. If you have any questions about your car battery, contact our office anytime! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have or give you more information about the services we offer.


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